A state-of-the-art, reduced viscosity 100% synthetic brake fluid designed for modern brake and clutch systems with advanced safety braking systems such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Anti Brake Skid (ABS) and Auto Emergency Braking (AEB).

A universally applicable high-performance 100% synthetic brake fluid designed for all hydraulically operated braking systems (disc brakes, drum brakes and clutch systems) requiring a DOT 4 brake fluid. This fluid offers enhanced protection on Anti Brake Skid (ABS) system.

A non-silicone, non-mineral brake fluid developed for a wide variety of hydraulically operated brake and clutch applications require a DOT 3 brake fluid. This fluid ensures very good chemical stability and corrosion protection on braking components.


We engineered oils and fluids with using the highly advanced additive components


We guarantee top-tier quality through stringent In-process Quality Control (IPQC)


We have distributing channels and working partners in 25 countries worldwide


We are active in various type of race sponsorship, motorsport event and trade fair