Maritime Solution

Our company are committed to offering forefront marine oil products with the first-rate PRINCE® MARINO line that meets or even exceeds major organizations’ standards while addressing the continuing changing environmental regulations.

We produce and supply the highest quality of distillates oils, main engine oils, system oils, cylinder oils, auxiliary lubricants and furthermore, many of them have been compliance to the ISO and DIN specifications and requirements. PRINCE® MARINO is trustworthy as the range of product is adhering to stringent quality management and proven by real-world performance.

Our production facility empowered us to address your designated business needs by creating optative methods. We are here to help your business to accomplish better performance by improving engine and equipment efficiency and durability, in return for lower overall operation costs.


We engineered oils and fluids with using the highly advanced additive components


We guarantee top-tier quality through stringent In-process Quality Control (IPQC)


We have distributing channels and working partners in 25 countries worldwide


We are active in various type of race sponsorship, motorsport event and trade fair