PRINCE® P-9 Ester

The molecular particles in advanced chemically synthesized ester are extremely stable and bond securely at severely high operating temperature and enable exceptional flowability at winter ambient temperature. Hence, esters were used exclusively in military jet engines for many years. Our highly innovative chemists make use of the superior technology that has been widely applied in the aerospace lubrication, and even enhance them in the design of our signature fluids and oils for boundless applications. Our cutting-edge P-9 ESTER Technology was ultimately developed, achieving superiority on the excellent API Group Category V synthetic ester. This technology is geared on predetermined structural of the carboxylic acid and oxoacid, then undergo unique formidable bonding methods with specifically chosen alkyl groups and the complex esters. As in result, The P-9 ESTER helps to bond all of the ester compounds robustly to put up the peak lubricating performance, regardless of operating condition, environment, and temperature in your means of transport.

Advantageousness of P-9 ESTER

The dense oil film created by our unique synthesizing work does not allow air and moisture to pass through, preventing rust damage. The naturally antioxidant properties of esters also allow minimal oil degradation to support a better engine cleanliness and extended maintenance life.

The molecular structures of P-9 ESTERs are attracted strongly to one another, so that it requires significantly more energy to vaporise them, giving them a higher flash point than ordinary synthetic base stocks. In return the least oil consumption.

Excellent pumpability in accordance to the MRV test in comparison to ordinary synthetic base stocks, the ester particles spread and penetrate much faster into all engine parts at cold ambient to functionally prevent morning corrosive and wear.

High-polarity ester molecules are combined to form an extremely strong protective film and attached to all moving metal surfaces. They allowed viscosity “stay-in-grade” for much longer at extremely high operating temperatures, fight-off shear and thermal stresses uninterruptedly.


We engineered oils and fluids with using the highly advanced additive components


We guarantee top-tier quality through stringent In-process Quality Control (IPQC)


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