PRINCE® P-9 Ester

Distinguish Between PRINCE® P-9 Ester With Conventional Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

An ambitious undertaking by our engineers:

To make use of ester technology that is widely applied in the aerospace industry in our production of high-performance automotive lubricants.

PRINCE® P-9 ESTER is our development based on advanced synthetic Ester compound that fall under API Group V oil category.

PRINCE® P-9 ESTER technology is chemically synthesized and produced through carboxylic acid with ethanol reaction by our engineers to enhance superiority of our already outstanding quality fully synthetic motor oils.

PRINCE® P-9 ESTER was designed to produce predetermined molecular structures that feature a formidable electrochemical bond with polar ester molecules.

This major Ester technology development is mainly branched hydrocarbons which offers advantageous characteristics which include extremely thermal stability and high temperature lubricity. The interaction of the properties ensures a thick protective film is formed during engine operation, which remains stable even under high thermal and stress operating conditions.

What are the valuable traits of PRINCE®
P-9 ESTER technology?

PRINCE® P-9 ESTER molecules are formulated to have polarity that attach to metal surfaces to develop a strong film of lubricant, improving lubricity hence significantly decreasing frictional heat and lower energy consumption.

The molecules of PRINCE® P-9 ESTER are attracted strongly to one another so that it requires more energy to vaporise them giving them a higher flash point and lower evaporation rate.

The dense oil film in our Ester Motor Oil does not allow moisture and air to pass through, preventing metal components from corrosion and oxidation.

PRINCE® P-9 ESTER of carboxylic acids features unique ability to completely dissolve and stably retain modern additives in the structure. It is engineered to allow cleaner engine operation by dispersing oil degradation by-products that will eventually be deposited as sludge.

In summary, the major outcomes of using our very high performance motor oil products with PRINCE® P-9 ESTER technology are:

Guarantees optimal engine hygiene

Elevates engine protection

Delivers peak engine performance

Finer engine oil oxidation resistance

Latest Technology

Our lubricant products are produced by advanced and beneficial components

Quality Assurance

We guarantee quality end products through our stringent In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)

Brand Recognition

PRINCE LUBRICANTS has been presented in 25 countries worldwide


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