Frequently Asked Questions

Princelube (Asia) Pte. Ltd., Singapore is the brand owner of PRINCE LUBRICANTS in as many as 50 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa continents. We have been entitled the official licensee and working partner with the Prince Oil Co. Inc., U.S.A. for nearly three decades.

PRINCE LUBRICANTS is blended here in Singapore by Princelube (Asia) Pte. Ltd. in accordance to the formulas that have been provided by Prince Oil Co. Inc., U.S.A. We export to 25 countries.

We jointly own PRINCE LUBRICANTS with Prince Oil Co. Inc., U.S.A. and we have been persistent in making this in-house brand popular by continually doing marketing endorsement and race sponsorship all the time, and PRINCE LUBRICANTS is bound to enter the international stage and become a first-tier motor oil brand in years to come. In addition, the engineering R&D department and the production line of Princelube (Asia) Pte. Ltd. are performed according to the rigorous standard of the United States.

PRINCE LUBRICANTS consumer automotive and powersport lubricants have been available since 2008.

Send your inquiries to or talk to your local importer.

If we have not officially entered the market of a particularly country, our representative team will meet with your company. After reaching a consensus, you will be granted as the master importer.

If all PRINCE LUBRICANTS motor oils were API licensed, our company could not source new raw materials from multiple suppliers, which would greatly increase the threat of supply disruption and the likelihood of extraordinarily high prices. To overcome this foreseeable problem, the API must establish base stock interchange guidelines for synthetic base stocks just as they have for other base stocks, as well as develop interchange guidelines for other components too. Moreover, licensing formula limits the ability to quickly adopt to latest technologies as they are discovered; each variation from the originally licensed formula requires a whole new re-submission for complete engine testing.

The importance of using a good quality lubricating product in an engine cannot be overstated. Our top-class motor oils consistently outperform conventional and other commercially available synthetic oils in virtually every category of performance, including sludge protection, wear protection, corrosion protection, large temperature bandwidth fluid performance, viscosity retention, volatility, foam control, emission control and fuel conserving. While other brands may provide good performance in some of these areas, yet PRINCE LUBRICANTS consistently perform at the peak in every aspect and category.

Although our marketing & advertising focus is on high-end racing divisions, yet we produce and provide a full range of premium consumer automotive lubrication products for your daily mobility tools, and allow them to get the optimal level of protection and performance.

PRINCE LUBRICANTS is the pioneer of API Base Oil Group V ester synthetic base engineering in the lubricant industry. The flagship FS1 series (for passenger car), D1 GOLD series (for commercial fleet) and MAXX ULTRA GOLD series (for motorcycle and powersport) are engineered with proprietary ESTER Technology including the patented P-9, P-10 and P-12. These top notch motor oils offer optimum lubricating performance in extreme low- and high-operating temperature, they outperform all conventional synthetic motor oils at every performance aspect.

P-9 ESTER is our major development of enhancement on contemporary 100% chemical synthesizing base stock that fall under API Group V base oil category. Our chemists perform unique combination process of carboxylic acid with ethanol reaction to enhance superiority of ester oil’s performance.

The FS1 is the flagship motor oil lineup for passenger cars engineered using API Group V Ester based synthetic that has been fortified with proprietary P-9 ESTER Technology that offers the optimum lubricating performance at every performance category. On the other hand, the FS2 lineup offers non-ester based, yet high-performance fully synthetic motor oils that outperform many commercially available synthetic motor oils. Even so, both the FS1 and the FS2 series employ state-of-the-art additive components that exceeds most of the major OEM’s performance requirement.

The FS1 MID SAPS is a range of reduced SAPS (Sulphated ash, phosphorus, sulfur) motor oil developed by PRINCE LUBRICANTS, which compliance to the stringent European emission standards and the ACEA (European Automobile Manufactures’ Association)- “C3” norm. It is intended to protect latest generation diesel and gasoline engines that are equipped with emission reduction hardware, especially those manufactured by European car makers with a diesel/gasoline particulate filter, selective catalyst reduction system and catalytic converter. We recommend using a FS1 MID SAPS motor oil in your vehicle fitted with any of these devices. Observe manufacturer’s recommendation.

Yes. All PRINCE LUBRICANTS products are formulated to be fully compatible with all base stock groups including 100% synthetic, partly synthetic and mineral oils. When switching to use PRINCE LUBRICANTS from other brands, no special procedure is necesary to be taken.

Certainly. PRINCE LUBRICANTS manufacture motor oils that fulfil or even exceed the performance demand from leading industry and OEMs. However, we strongly recommend waiting until the manufacturer’s first scheduled service interval or a minimum of 1,500 miles in new gasoline engine then allow for proper break-in.

Worry less when switching to a higher operating temperature viscosity. We believe that having a higher viscosity reading at operating temperature will be of benefit to your diesel or gasoline engine, especially here in Singapore, which is considered a hot climatic environment.

Yes, in most circumstances, they are backward compatible but this should be treated on a case-by-case basis. In some situation, things may turn out very bad, e.g., using a FSe series API SP Resource Conserving specified, low viscosity SAE 5W-30 motor oil in an 80’s vintage engine that originally prescribed an API SE motor oil. The old engine may most likely result in massive oil leak and burn.

We recommend against mixing the use of any oil additives products. Generally speaking, high-quality engine oil is designed with a perfect balance of additive system which feature the ability to minimize friction, anti-wear, inhibits corrosion, oxidation and foam, dispersants, etc. Hence, additional treatments are not necessarily better. Besides, choosing a poor-quality additive product could easily upset the balance resulting in decreased engine operating efficiency and reliability in many cases.

You can go to the page of the particular product you are interested in, and then go to the Additional Information section to download the Product Information & Data Sheet (PIDS).

PRINCE LUBRICANTS fully synthetic motor oils are developed specifically using the highest-performance synthetic base stocks with the highest-quality additive components, that offer longer oil drain capabilities. The motor oils feature enhanced cleaning performance while at the same time, they provide better hardware wear protection over extended oil change. The maximum TBN (Total base number) retention and lowest volatility properties help significantly reduce oil consumption, yet able to maintain viscosity over longer period and more mileage. However, we recommend to follow the manufacturer’s oil drain recommendation.

Our motor oils are tested safe on compatibility with synthetic, partly synthetic and conventional base stocks. However, this should be treated on a case-by-case basis. As synthetic and mineral motor oils are formulated with different compositions and mixtures, these might harm certain type of seal materials including the likelihood damage on the oil pump.

Worry-free. Replace the oil filter at each oil change interval, our service recommendation for gasoline engines using a high-performance fully synthetic motor oil is around 9,000 miles (or 15,000 kilometers).

All motor oil and maintenance fluid containers should be stored appropriately which includes out of the weather (sun exposed and rain), in an upright position with the bottle cap tightly attached.

As a universal rule, shelf life of lubricant product is approximately 5 years if stored correctly.

Generally, automatic transmission fluids are categorized to serve three main categories:
i) Automated standard transmission gear such as Auto-shift, Freedom line from ZF, Ultra shift, etc.
ii) Dual clutch transmission (DCT), also known as Direct shift gear (DSG).
iii) Continuous variable transmission (CVT), including belt-type and chain-type CVTs.
PRINCE LUBRICANTS designed and produced eight types of ATFs, including standard-viscosity and low-viscosity fluids to fulfil different kinds of demand. To find out exactly which type of fluid to be used in your transmission system, check the part number in the car or the owner’s manual.

Do not over emphasize at the color of the automatic transmission fluid, as it is dyed differently than the color of motor oils to make it easier for individual to identify contaminants.

Observe manufacturer’s recommendation in owner manual booklet. Most of the current manufacturer prescribed a brake fluid replacement every two years/ 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. If no recommendation is made, always check with a professional when you change the motor oil at each maintenance interval.

Ready-to-use, also known as prediluted, you can safely add the coolant content without adding any distilled water, it is more convenient and widely preferred. On the other hand, for concentrated, you should add distilled water by observing the ratio depending on weather, which is annoyed by many. In summary, PRINCE LUBRICANTS formulated ready-to-use coolants for all American, Asian and European vehicles to maximize the anti-boil, anti-frost and corrosion protective performance. Just use once without worrying for years to come!


We engineered oils and fluids with using the highly advanced additive components


We guarantee top-tier quality through stringent In-process Quality Control (IPQC)


We have distributing channels and working partners in 25 countries worldwide


We are active in various type of race sponsorship, motorsport event and trade fair