High-efficiency, universal CVT fluid designed for 98%* of push belt and chain-driven continuously variable transmissions globally.

Available Size:

1 Liter

A fully synthetic CVT Fluid for push-belt and chain-driven continuously variable transmission systems of leading car manufacturers. However, this fluid is not recommended for the latest Hybrid-CVT and CVTs using a low-viscosity CVT fluid.

This ATF fulfils the specifications of following transmission assemblies and OEMs:

BMW/Mini 83220429154/ EZL 799A, Chery CVT, Chrysler/Jeep CVTF +4, Daihatsu Ammix CVTF-DC, Ford MERCON C/ M2C928-A/ M2C933-A/ CVT 30, GM CVT 19260800/ 19299096/ DEX-CVT AC Delco, Honda DW-1 (Without starting clutch)/ Genuine CVTF/ HCF-2/ HMMF, Hyundai/Kia SP-CVT-1, Lexus CVTF TC, Mazda CVTF 3320, MB 236.20, Mitsubishi DiaQueen CVTF-J1/ CVTF-J4, Mopar CVT +4, Nissan Matic D CVT/ NS-1/ NS-2/ NS-3, Subaru High Torque CVT/ Lineartronic CVTF-II/ Lineartronic CVTF-III, Suzuki CVT Green1/ Green2, Toyota CVTF TC/ WS (CVT), VW/Audi G052 180/ G052 516 CVT


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