SS1 Fuel Economy + 5W-30

SS1 Fuel Economy + 5W-30

PRINCE® SS1 Fuel Economy + SAE 5W-30 is the latest low friction and low viscosity synthetic motor oil to elevates engine durability, wear protection and improves fuel economy. It also has been engineered with low emissions characteristic to address the continuing challenges from the stringent emissions regulation.

Available Size:

1 Liter

4 Liter

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PRINCE® SS1 Fuel Economy + contains specifically chosen anti-wear additives for unsurpassed engine wear protection. Enhanced protection especially to many modern engines with LSPI, timing chain and ‘start-stop’ system.

PRINCE® SS1 Fuel Economy + features exceptional thermal and oxidation stability that helps minimize oil degradation and additive depletion, enhance contamination and deposits control to maintain engine cleanliness.

PRINCE® SS1 Fuel Economy + SAE 5W-30 delivers quick oil penetrating into engine parts after cold-start to prevent cold-start wear and excellent low temperature lubricant fluidity.

PRINCE® SS1 SAE 5W-30 is highly recommended for all types of modern and older vehicles, turbo or non-turbocharged, direct or non-direct injection, including high performance gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks requiring API SN (gasoline) and API CF (diesel) performance standard.

  • Advanced additives packages to enhance performance and fuel economy
  • Easy running lubricant characteristic that leads to superior oil consumption control
  • High shear stability index and superb low temperature fluidity
  • Increase engine efficiency and offer lower fuel consumption
  • Maintains superior film strength at high temperatures
  • Superior protection against wear, vanish, rust and sludge deposits

API SP Resource Conserving


Chrysler MS-6395

Ford WSS-M2C929-A/M2C946-B1/M2C961-A1

GM dexos1

GM 6094M



Density at 15℃ 0.832
Kinematic Viscosity ,mm²/s @40℃ 60.24
Kinematic Viscosity ,mm²/s @100℃ 11.02
Viscosity Index 161
Viscosity CCS ,cP @-25℃ 3950
Pour Point ℃ -33
Flash Point ℃ 234

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