D3 PLUS 15W-40

D3 PLUS 15W-40

PRINCE® D3-Plus SAE 15W-40 Heavy Duty Multigrade diesel engine oil is designed to satisfy the requirements of most existing engines and those of older technology. The product had been proven for tiptop power and performance. This is a cost-effective product that provides comprehensive protection to the crucial engine parts and cleanses out deposits along vital oil passageways.

Available Size:

1 Liter

5 Liter

7 Liter

PRINCE® D3-Plus Multigrade diesel engine oil is formulated with highly refined base stocks and especially selected additives. The product has a high level of oxidation and thermal stability, excellent dispersant-detergent characteristics, and guaranteed to provide protection against corrosive attack of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

PRINCE® D3-Plus SAE 15W-40 meets both diesel and gasoline performance levels and is also used widely for topping up purposes.

  • Broad range of applications
  • Cost effective, value-for-money product
  • Good wear protection during severe operations
  • High oxidation and thermal resistance
  • Helps to promote long engine life
  • Maintain superior control of oil consumption
  • Outstanding high-temperature dispersancy properties
  • Superb anti-wear properties



Cummins CES 20075

MAN 271

MB 228.3

MTU Type 1

Volvo VDS-2

Density at 15℃ 0.88
Kinematic Viscosity ,mm²/s @40℃ 109.1
Kinematic Viscosity ,mm²/s @100℃ 14.7
Viscosity Index 139
Viscosity CCS ,cP @-20℃ 5905
Pour Point ℃ -21
Flash Point ℃ 230


We engineered oils and fluids with using the highly advanced additive components


We guarantee top-tier quality through stringent In-process Quality Control (IPQC)


We have distributing channels and working partners in 25 countries worldwide


We are active in various type of race sponsorship, motorsport event and trade fair