The lubricant is an integral part of modern low-emission engine hardware as it prolongs the life of emission aftertreatment devices and improves fuel economy, while maintaining the engine’s durability. It is therefore a key enabler in delivering low transport emissions and vehicle longevity such that using an incompatible lubricant can easily result in a reversal of these key benefits.

The engine and exhaust aftertreatment device built into these vehicles are highly sensitive to lubricant quality. Specific lower SAPS engine oils are designed to offer performance and protection to these complex and expensive components. The use of older generation lubricants such as API CF and API CH-4, which are still used in many markets, can cause serious damage to modern vehicle engine designs.

One key example is the clogging of the Diesel particulate filters (DPF). Sulphated ash, which is usually higher in old generation oils, collects in these filters and causes a build-up of exhaust back pressure, resulting in significantly increased fuel consumption and could lead to engine malfunction. Expensive maintenance is then needed to replace the DPF.

In addition, modern engines often run much hotter than previous generation engines which can easily lead to high levels of oxidation and deposits. Using incompatible oils can lead to inefficient combustion, poor oil circulation, physical blockages, or even complete engine failure. With these factors in mind, the real-world cost of using older generation lubricants to the environment, truck operators and the economy cannot be ignored.

The most recent categories of engine oil specifications such as API CK-4 and API SP Resource Conserving are designed for modern emissions-compliant turbocharged engines, but are also backwards compatible and serviceable. This means that a lubricant upgrade can be easily deployed into existing fleets which have a mixture of newer and older engine hardware, without increasing workshop complexity.


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