Back in 2010, ILSAC GF-5 introduced a number of significant performance improvement over ILSAC GF-4 in areas including high-temperature deposit and sludge protection, fuel economy, exhaust aftertreatment devices and seals compatibility as well as to protect all engine designs running on ethanol up to E85.

API SN PLUS was unveiled on May 2019 due to the delays in the development of ILSAC GF-6. It came as a result of requests from OEMs for a supplement to the API SN category to ensure the adequate protection of current vehicles for a potential problem that was not being addressed fast enough. It introduced the Sequence IX Test to enhance LSPI protection and often shifted motor oil formulation to a more magnesium-rich detergent system with less calcium detergent.

ILSAC GF-6 looks to include those improvements for LSPI protection but also adds other performance improvements. By including new limits and new tests, it delivers further enhanced deposits and wear control and energy efficiency as OEMs push the engine design envelope for power, longevity and fuel economy. The new category also addresses two specific operational issues by providing LSPI protection (consistent with API SN PLUS and API SP) and a newly added element of timing chain wear protection.


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