The one component that suffers the most from accelerated wear in GDI and TGDI engines is the metal timing chain, which drives the camshaft off of the crankshaft. Excessive wear can cause the check engine light to illuminate and could result in very expensive internal engine hardware repairs. Excess wear is evident in chain elongation which can disturb valve timing leading to degraded performance and higher engine out emissions.

The timing chain is constantly facing unfavorable mixed and boundary layer lubrication regimes. Mixed and boundary layer lubrication regimes are not the ideal hydrodynamic lubrication regime where metal surfaces well separated by a protective oil film. GDI and TGDI engine field experience shows in addition to timing chain wear more aggressive oxidation, viscosity gains, and related increases in varnish and deposits. None of this is good, so improvements in lubricant performance is necessary to enable the successful introduction of this new engine technology.

We employ the most advanced additive packages for current GDI and TGDI engine designs. Our high-performance additives can minimize wear and tear, combat oxidation and control deposits formation. Given long lead times for lubricant product development, testing, and commercialization there is a growing urgency to proceed with the ILSAC programs.


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