Available in ISO Grade 100, 150 and 220.

A high-quality synthetic biodegradable lubricant that features outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties, as well as very high viscosimetrics performance, designed particularly for stern tubes that operate under a wide range of temperatures.

This product contributes to Co2 emissions reduction by producing with renewable raw materials.

Available Size:

200 Liter

Developed for lubricating sliding rolling bearings of stern tube to minimize environmental impacts, especially for use when incidental spillage inenvironmentally sensitive areas may occur.

Thanks to high viscosity index (VI), this product can be utilize under large temperature bandwidth (-20°C to 80°C).

Compatible with commonly used seals such as Viton and many new bioseals.

  • Protect against wear and corrosion
  • Very good low temperature performance
  • High natural viscosity index (VI)
  • Environmentally acceptable product
  • Reduce harmful Co2 emissions
  • Compatible with many common seals
ISO Grade 100 150 220
Density at 15°C, kg/m³ 933 961 966
Viscosity index (VI) >170 >180 >170
Kinematic viscosity @100°C, mm²/s 18 21.8 28.9
Kinematic viscosity @40°C, mm²/s 102 151 221
Flash Point, °C >240 >240 >240
Pour Point, °C -40 -34 -29
Biodegradability >50 >50 >50


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